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Town of Sullivan's Island
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Town of Sullivan's Island


Chief Anthony Stith                                     

Anthony Stith                            

Fire Chief                                    

Serving Residents Since 1982  


Andrew Levay    Lieutenant William Gibbons  Engineer Amanda Hawver

Andrew Levay                                                 William (Curt) Gibbons                 Amanda Hawver

Lieutenant                                                         Lieutenant                                   Lieutenant

Serving Residents Since 2002                           Serving Residents Since 2002       Serving Residents Since 2003


 Lenton Sharpe, Firefighter

Lenton Sharpe


Serving Residents Since 2009


Not pictured:

Eric Stinnett, Firefighter, Serving Residents Since 2011

James Grassie, Firefighter, Serving Residents Since 2012                         

Stephen Poole, Firefighter, Serving Residents Since 2013     

Don Harbaugh, Firefighter, Serving Residents Since 2015







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