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Town of Sullivan's Island

Town Codes & Ordinances


November 21, 2018
On November 20, 2018 Town Council gave third and final reading to Ordinance 2018-06 also known as the "Plastic and Styrofoam" ordinance.  In general, businesses will only be allowed to use paper or recyclable plastic products and are prohibited from using Styrofoam products, plastic straws and single-use plastic bags.  Additionally, thee products will be banned from use on the beach.  The ordinance becomes effective December 1, 2018.  Click here to read the ordinance in its entirety. 


Municipal councils are local, deliberative, legislative assemblies empowered to enact regulations, resolutions and ordinances consistent with the constitutions and general laws of the state of the nation. Ordinances are local laws of a general and permanent nature.

Rules and procedures for adopting ordinances must be established by ordinance. Every proposed ordinance must be introduced in writing and in the form required for final adoption. No ordinance has the force of law until it has had at least two readings on two separate days with at least seven days between each reading and final ratification by Council.


Municipal ordinances must be codified, indexed, typewritten or printed, maintained in a current form and available for public inspection at reasonable times.

The following council acts must be accomplished by ordinance:

  • Adopt or amend an administrative code;
  • Establish, alter or abolish any municipal department, office or agency;
  • Provide for a fine, provides for a penalty, establishes a rule or establishes a regulation in which a fine or other penalty is imposed for violations;
  • Adopt budgets and levy taxes;
  • Grant, renew or extend franchises;
  • Authorize the borrowing of money;
  • Sell, lease or contract to sell or lease any lands of the municipality;
  • Amend or repeal any ordinance described above.    
Sullivan's Island Ordinance Procedures                                        

All Town ordinances are deliberated and approved by Town Council in a multi-step process:


    1st Reading -     For information purposes only but discussion and motions to amend at first reading are

                            permissible if requested by at least two Council members present.

    2nd Reading -    Minimum six (6) days after 1st Reading.  Discussion and motions to amend are entertained

                              prior to 2nd Reading.  

    3rd Reading -   May be combined with 2nd Reading at the will of a majority of Council.  Discussion and

                motions to amend are permissible if requested by at least two Council members present.

    Ratification -    Accomplished after 3rd Reading approval

All ordinances are introduced by the Mayor, Council member or a Council Committee member, in writing and in the form required for final adoption.  Click Here to read Ordinance 2015-11 (ratified January 19, 2016) outlining this procedure. Section 2-27, Town Code of Ordinances, provides full details of the ordinance approval process.



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