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Town of Sullivan's Island

Administration Department



The Administration Department is charged with the supervision of Town operations.  Under the supervision of the Town Administrator, the Administration Department executes policies set by the Mayor and Town Council,  manages Town personnel matters, resident services and fiscal matters.
The Administration Department manages vendors contracted to provide various municipal services, handles official Town communications, assists with the procurement of goods and services for all departments, writes and administers Town grants, handles risk management of Town assets, develops and implements the Town’s budget, collects revenues, issues various licenses and permits, serves as accounts payable for all Town departments, handles the record keeping and preservation of all Town ordinances, official records and historic documents, handles payroll, personnel benefits and human resource matters, performs the legal and judicial functions for the Town and handles all matters related to municipal court.  This department is charged with the management of Town investments (Special Revenue Fund), as well as the General Fund, Water Fund and Sewer Fund.  The Administration Department serves as the primary point of contact for Island residents and visitors, although the Town of Sullivan’s Island utilizes the services of the Mount Pleasant Visitor’s Center.


The Administration Department is comprised of six (6) full-time and three (3) part time employees.  Staff includes the Town Administrator, Asst. to Town Administrator, Town Clerk, Comptroller, Town Attorney, Municipal Judge, Clerk of Court and one clerk for billing/accounting and one clerk for water billing, permitting and general administration. 
Some of the many resident services provided by Administration Staff:
 Garbage Collection - Suburban Disposal (vendor)

Licensing & Permits

Special Event Requests 

Public Communications

Communications & Community Outreach (Click-MASC Award Info)

Bids and Procurement Information (RFP's & RFQ's)  

Town Financial/Budget Information


Administration Department Staff (10/31/2016):             


    ANDY BENKE - Town Administrator (843) 883-5726 or abenke@sullivansisland-sc.com

    JASON BLANTON- Depty Administrator/Comptroller (843) 883-5751 or jblanton@sullivansisland-sc.com

     LISA DARROW- Asst. to Town Admin/Human Resources/Risk Mgmt/Communications (843) 883-5744 

                                  or ldarrow@sullivansisland-sc.com

    KIM GRIFFIN- Accounting Clerk (843) 883-5729 or kgriffin@sullivansisland-sc.com

    COURTNEY LILES - Acting Town Clerk/Licensing (843) 883-5730 or cliles@sullivansisland-sc.com

    ELLEN MILLER- Acting Clerk of Council/Town Clerk (843) 883-5734 or emiller@sullivansisland-sc.com

    MARY POOLE - Water Billing & Customer Service/Gen Admin Customer Service  (843) 883-5733

or mpoole@sullivansisland-sc.com

     BRIDGET WELCH - Receptionist/Gen Admin Customer Service (843) 883-5743 

                                            or bwelch@sullivansisland-sc.com




Also in Town Hall - Building Department:

    JOE HENDERSON - Zoning Administrator

      (843) 883-5731 or jhenderson@sullivansisland-sc.com

   RANDY ROBINSON - Chief Building Official

    (843) 883-5732 or rrobinson@sullivansisland-sc.com


    KAT KENYON - Permit Tech/Business Licenses (843)-5727 or kat@sullivansisland-sc.com





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