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PUBLIC OPEN HOUSES:  March 20-22, 2017

FEMA Releases Preliminary Flood Plain Maps
(September 9, 2016)

FEMA preliminary maps indicate which flood risk category any property is in.  In the near future, FEMA will hold public meetings in the area to present the maps to the community and to answer questions concerning the maps and insurance rates.

NOTE: The preliminary maps are provided for public information only.  Current Sullivan's Island flood maps remain in effect.

TOSI Disclaimer:

This map is not the official FEMA Flood Insurance Rate Map forthe Town of Sullivan's Island. This map is not intended for insurance ratingpurposes and is for information only. The positional accuracy may becompromised in some areas. The map may not be 100% accurate in locating yourproperty or future flood zones after all changes have been made. Please contactyour local floodplain administrator for more information or to view an officialcopy of the Flood Insurance Rate Maps.

Preliminary maps may also be viewed at Town Hall: 2050-B Middle Street (M-F, 8AM-5PM)
Your Building Department Staff stand ready to answer all your construction/building questions

Randy Robinson, Building Official/CFM Floodplain Manager    Joe Henderson, Zoning Administrator, CFM
Direct: (843) 883-5732                                              Direct:  (843) 883-5731



The natural environment is a very important aspect of the Town of Sullivan's Island.  As a barrier island, Sullivan's Island is bounded by the Atlantic Ocean to the East and the Intracoastal Waterway to the West.  The Island's exposed geography makes the Town vulnerable to severe weather, including tropical storms and hurricanes, whose flooding and high winds have the potential to cause damage across the Island.  Sever weather, however, is just one threat to the Island; the impact of human development an also create long-term consequences to the Island's natural ecosystem on which the Town relies.

In recent years, the Town of Sullivan's Island has placed an emphasis on protecting the Island's natural resources by adopting a tree ordinance, designation of recreation and conservation zones, beach protection, vegetation protection and the establishment of development guidelines and community outreach strategies that comply with the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) Community Rating System (CRS).

We invite you to explore the information Town Staff have compiled on flood plain management by clicking on the tabs below.  Meanwhile, if you have specific questions, please contact the following Town Staff members at Town Hall:

Randy Robinson, Building Official/CFM Floodplain Manager    Joe Henderson, Zoning Administrator, CFM
Direct: (843) 883-5732                                              Direct:  (843) 883-5731

NEWS:   Congressional changes to federal legislation has recently altered the impact of Biggert-Water Act 2012 for many homeowners.  Some homeowners may be eligible for premium refunds or grants to elevate homes.    

Important information from the National Research Council (NRC)

NRC 2015 Flood Insurance Affordability Report (CLICK-pdf download)

NRC Reducing Coastal Risk  2014 Report (CLICK-pdf download)

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