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Town of Sullivan's Island


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CLICK HERE - Sullivan's Island & Fort Moultrie

The Town of Sullivan’s Island, a barrier island north of Charleston Harbor, is comprised of less than 1,700 residents in half as many households.  These are primarily full or part time citizens, who enjoy the relaxed lifestyle of the Island.  There are very few short-term rentals and no hotels, motels, bed and breakfasts, or other transient lodging.

The Town, incorporated in 1817 as Moultrieville, did not allow lean-tos or shacks then as now.  At that time lots were required to have a minimum of ½ acre and the same is true today.  Sullivan’s Island is unique in that the beachfront land, which has accreted over the years, is owned by the Town and held in a perpetual easement by the Lowcountry Open Land Trust, protecting the natural environment along the Atlantic Ocean.

This Island has a long military history of protecting the harbor from invaders and there are many wonderful histories which capture those stories.  Remnants of the military are abundant in now privately held military housing; even former fortifications are now single family residences.  Many of these historic homes have withstood the test of time and ravaging weather.


Visitor Notes:

Alcohol is prohibited on the beaches (Town Code, Section 4-24) as well as consumption of alcohol on Town streets, sidewalks and rights-of way (Town Code, Section 14-4 & 14-5).    

Motorized vehicles are not allowed on the beach, to include golf carts.  

Fireworks are prohibited island-wide 


All dogs on our Island (residents, day visitors and vacation renters) must have a current Town issued dog permit in order to visit our Island, including the beach.  Town Hall (2056 Middle Street) issues annual permits for $50.00/dog with owner's application/affidavit (form below) and proof of valid rabies (veterinarian shot record or rabies certificate).  Phone (843) 883-5743 or (843) 883-3198 for more information.

 Click Here - Dog Permit Application & Information (pdf)

Pay by check, cash or credit card (click-link).  Fee $50.00; mailed applications/tags - add $5.00


Winter Season Dogs on Beach:  October 1st -  April 30th:

Winter Season Dogs on Beach (pdf)

Summer Season Dogs on Beach: May 1st - September 30th

 Summer Season Dogs on Beach (pdf)  

Town Hall - Open 8AM-5PM Monday-Friday; Physical Address: 2056 Middle Street (between the Fire Station and Stith Community Park, basketball and tennis courts); Mailing address is PO Box 427, Sullivan's Island, SC 29482
Dogs on Beach Summer Note: 
Dogs are not allowed on the beach in the summer season from 10:00AM - 6:00PM.  Please see Summer Hours (above) for full schedule. 


Help Protect the Loggerheads:  Summer Lights Out on the Beach Season!
Click Here:  Turtle Team Flyer 



Visitors should always remember they are swimming and conducting water sports in the Atlantic Ocean. 
Swimming in the ocean requires safety precautions very different from a lake, river or even the Gulf of Mexico.
Some Special Considerations for Ocean Sports/Swimming:
  Waters are subject to drop offs, rip-tides and strong currents.  
Sandbars off the beach are dangerous - do not swim or walk to them (low-tide).
When the tide comes in, people on the sandbars get trapped in deep water/strong tides and are easily swept out to sea.
Marine animals are present, such as jelly-fish, crabs and occasionally sting-rays. 
Swim at your own risk - no lifeguards on duty
Additional Note: We have no facilities on our beaches (i.e. changing rooms, showers or restrooms)


Visitors are asked to pack out their trash when leaving the beach. The Town provides receptacles roadside at the beach paths for debris. Please do not leave beach chairs, umbrellas, bags, shoes, etc on our beach.
The Island is a favorite nesting ground for the endangered loggerhead turtle.  You may see orange netting and small signs where DNR has marked a loggerhead nest.  Please do not tamper with these nests.  Also, please ensure you do not leave holes (for sand castles, umbrellas, etc) along the beach.  These holes trap baby turtles migrating to the ocean, plus are dangerous for beach walkers and dogs.
Other note:  Do not walk on, play or remove vegetation from sand dunes. This is illegal. 
We do not have a municipal parking lot. Visitors need to plan for parking challenges during the busy summer season, especially weekends and holidays.  Visitors not patronizing an Island establishment must park along the street keeping vehicle tires off the road.  Please obey all parking signs and restrict your street parking to public rights-of-way, not residents' yards or driveways.
Handicapped beach access paths on Sullivan's Island:
Station 18                    Station 19       Station 22.5      Station 26.5 

Click Here for Helpful Information about Island services

 NEED A RIDE? Try CARTA Transportation

Click Here for More Information 

 CARTA (843) 724-7420


Accommodations on the Island are limited to 52 privately owned vacation rental homes that must be licensed for vacation rental activity with the Town and require a minimum three night/four day stay. 
We have no overnight accommodations on the Island (Hotels, Bed & Breakfast Inns, etc) 
Owners arrange rentals of their homes through local vacation rental companies or their own marketing efforts.  Town Staff does not arrange vacation rentals for owners or know about rental availability.
Some places you may visit on-line to explore vacation rental availability on Sullivan's Island:

Beachside Vacations      Island Realty        Resort Quest        Exit Realty     Carroll Realty        

Vacation Rentals By Owners (VRBO.com)

NOTE:  All vacation rental owners are required to have a Sullivan's Island Business License for this activity.  Staff member managing the Town's vacation rental business license program:  Lisa Darrow, Asst. to Administrator (843-883-5744 or ldarrow@sullivansisland-sc.com)


 Thank you for visiting our home. We wish you a safe and pleasurable stay.


Visitors and Residents: Keep safety first as you enjoy the beach, ocean and waterways off Sullivan's Island!
Town Council Proclaims May 21st - May 27th as National Boating Safety Week

Be safe swimming off Town waterways!  Click Here: Summer Safety Ocean Swimming Tips
Summer Safety: Safe Ocean Swimming Tips

Residents & Visitors:  Remember to Keep Our Beaches Clean!
The Town provides ample trash cans street-side at beach access paths for dog refuse bags and other trash.  Please, "leave no trace" when you go home from our beaches (Click for Tips/Reminders)

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